Friday, January 29, 2010

Word of mouth truly is the best advertising. I have not gotten one hit on my online store or Facebook fan page. But... everyone at work wants a blanket. Of course, the price is right. I started by charging $50 and now I hesitate to raise the price. I don't want any issues at work. I still need this job for a while. I am curious to know what I could get for my work. My mom-in-law just got $100 for a painting she took to auction. I have to try that as soon as I have a break in the orders. Meanwhile. I am learning something with every project. I have a chance to experiment with colors and patterns. And the money more than pays for the yarn. It's all part of my 5-year plan to retirement. :)

Oh, and I did take a break from the orders in order to make the Power Puff Girls blanket for my "coming soon" granddaughter.

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