Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WOW Summer vacations are great! It's like a little
taste of retirement. Trouble is it gets harder and
harder to come back every year. It won't be long
though before I will be on permanent vacation. That's
when I will turn my hobby into cash. I have 5 years
to build up my crocheting business and I've already
been off to a good start.
By word of mouth I got commissioned to do a baby blanket
and toy this month. The mother likes penguins.
(The hockey team actually) so I'm making an afgram
with a baby penguin on it and a soft toy to match.
Now I hear there is a girl at work that is having a
baby and she was asking about my work. I had better
get busy. Keeping a portfolio of the jobs I do will
help people decide what they want. And forming guidelines
for pricing is a must. Looks like vacation is over but
I surely will be blessed if I can make a living doing
something I love :)

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