Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey there! My name is Sara. As was mentioned earlier, my best friend, Robin, asked me to make a SNOOD. I capitalize SNOOD because I feel that a name that cool and quirky deserves to be said loudly.
Robin's birthday this year sounds like it is going to be awesome. I wish I could make it out there for it but I'll have to settle for being there in spirit. Huzzah!!
So, just in case you were wondering a SNOOD, by definition, is a distinctive headband formerly worn by young unmarried women in Scotland or northern England. It's also the term for the pendulous skin over the beak of a turkey. I'm not sure how that is relavent to this story but it's a fun factoid.
After looking up SNOOD on the internet and trying a pattern that I found, I realized that I knew how I wanted it to look and how I was going to incorporate the beads that Robin wanted on her SNOOD. So, I just made a pattern of my own. Most patterns that I found and that are out there for sale start with a 5 chain ring and increase evenly until they get to the band that goes around the head. That leaves a little pointy part or a dark tight circle at the back of your head. That makes it look more like a hair net then a decorative hair piece. So, I opted to start by making the headband first, then I made a point of interest at the top to get the netting part started and work evenly from the top to the bottom thus ending on the underneath side of the SNOOD and no one can see it. YAY!!
I also decided to make the headband itself one size and the ribbon woven through it can be adjusted per the wearer's comfort. TA-DA!!! Now, I'm ready to make more and be able to sell them to almost anyone. The trick to getting beads onto your work when crochetting is to put ALL the beads that you will be working with onto your yarn before you start crochetting. Then when you need a bead you bring it up to where you're working and simply crochet over the bead.
Happy Hooking and May all your crafting dreams come true.

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  1. Fantastic!! That really looks good Sara. The beads are in perfect rows. Good job. :)