Friday, May 29, 2009

I am soooo jealous. My daughter's friend, Robin, is having her birthday party at the Renaissance Faire in Colorado. I'm no where near Colorado, therefore, I will not be attending. My daughter, however, will be contributing even though she is no closer to the festivities than I. She has been commissioned by the B-day girl to make her a SNOOD for the occasion. My daughter, Sara, is a prolific crocheter and knitter so when assigned such a prestigious task replied with a resounding "?!What's a SNOOD?!" "Huzzah?"

This is a SNOOD.

This is also Sara.

I ordered one in burgundy to match my RennFaire ensemble. We enjoy dressing up when the faire comes to us in February. We make our own costumes. My husband made the shirt he is wearing.

The kilts got a lot of attention made from the camouflage material. I was proud to hear the comments of the Kilt Maker that was there. He inspected my work and gave it a thumbs up. :D

It's not hard to make a kilt.
Originally, they were just a long piece of fabric that was wrapped around your waist and tucked in. That way it could be used as a blanket at night. The wealthy gathered their fabric in pleats. The longer the piece of material the wealthier you had to be. That's where you get the expression "the whole nine yards". Modern kilts are made with 4-5 yards and the pleats are sewn in for convenience. I even put belt loops on mine to avoid any embarrassing slippage.

Measure around the waist and add 10 inches for overlap. Then lay out your material and gather a pleat every 6-9 inches until you have the desired length. Hemming the bottom first does make it easier. Add the waistband with belt loops and you got it. Ready for the RennFaire, St. Patty's Day, Gaelic Storm concert, or just hanging around the house. My husband actually has worn his to the grocery store but
that's my husband. Huzzah!
And that's my son, Donny.

Oh, I hope Robin sends pix of her big day.

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  1. I Mama Alba!
    I'm so excited that Sara is making the SNOOD, and judging from her prototype it's going to be beautiful!!!
    I'll put pix on my facebook of my costume!
    Love ya!