Friday, July 6, 2012

I tried my hand at an instructional video.
Pretty happy with the results.
It would be nice to get some feedback from someone who found it helpful.

Karl has been drumming up a storm and I found a way to incorporate crochet in the design.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

‎"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."  Thomas Edison
My husband Karl has always been a little jealous of my hobby. He enjoys working with his hands and creating but it's hard to drag the workbench in to the family room. The skill saw drowns out the T.V. anyway.
Well, he found a portable passion. Drum making. He can lace and keep up with NCIS at the same time!

Here's pix of his first drum. I'm sure there will many to come.

Wow it has sure been a while. I've been concentrating on Facebook but I hate the new timeline.And I get sidetracked with the games! It really cuts into your crocheting time. I would like to find something people want to buy.The next Pokemon LOL. I've read that you should think about what is different about your work and promote that...... well.... I enjoy designing and making bags. but I don't enjoy mass producing anything. Boring!!! I would love to make one of a kind handbags and sell enough to support my habit. I even have a friend who is an Ebay wiz. So here it goes..... a sample of my work with more to come

Friday, January 29, 2010

Word of mouth truly is the best advertising. I have not gotten one hit on my online store or Facebook fan page. But... everyone at work wants a blanket. Of course, the price is right. I started by charging $50 and now I hesitate to raise the price. I don't want any issues at work. I still need this job for a while. I am curious to know what I could get for my work. My mom-in-law just got $100 for a painting she took to auction. I have to try that as soon as I have a break in the orders. Meanwhile. I am learning something with every project. I have a chance to experiment with colors and patterns. And the money more than pays for the yarn. It's all part of my 5-year plan to retirement. :)

Oh, and I did take a break from the orders in order to make the Power Puff Girls blanket for my "coming soon" granddaughter.